Are you Prepared for Destiny?



The world has been fractured by Darkness in all aspects. Deminous, the aspect of shadow beats down the door of the reality of light. Its only a matter of time before he ruptures through and claims this world as his own. 

Carter, the young heir to the seat of power has lost his mind. Everything he has wanted gets further and further away from his own grasp. He will stop at nothing to claim what is rightfully his.

Bii, has been given a great gift from a mysterious girl and can feel its immense energy flowing through his body. He must find Resuen and the answers before it’s too late. Can he follow his true Destiny or will Fate derail him on a new Journey?

Sneak Peek: Destiny Book of Retribution

January 31, 2019

Wanna have a taste of Destiny: Book of Retribution. Well, now is your one and only chance. Now is the time to see what is in store for our Hero and the Williamson's in the conclusion their saga in the Destiny series. Enjoy the first 4 chapters including the Prologue at the beginning of the end. With the dark clouds of the Aspect of Shadow and Despair hanging over the World of light, how will Bii proceed to claim his Destiny?

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Destiny: Book of Hate Now Free

January 03, 2019

That's right!!!

Destiny Book of Hate joins its first part, Destiny Book of Love in the Freebie options. Now you get to enjoy the second Dark and Twisted tale to the epic Fantasy novel in the Destiny Series by yours truly.

From this point on The Destiny Series will be readily available for your reading pleasure on select apps and Devices at no charge. So what are you waiting for? Hurry over to the following apps and Download for free now.


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